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Master Gabriele Roloff's blackbelts have been actively training and teaching International Modern Arnis within Europe and North America for a long time and are currently teaching or assisting with their own training groups. They are very loyal in promoting the development of International Modern Arnis within Europe.
Gura Astrid Zimdahl*,  6th Dan Modern Arnis, began her Modern Arnis training in 1989 with Master Gabriele Roloff and she assisted Master Roloff on many seminars and camps worldwide, including PAWMA. Over the years she traveled regularly with Master Roloff and trained also directly with Professor Presas since 1991 until his death in 2001. Professionally Astrid works as a social worker and in her spare time she teaches Modern Arnis, travels and does Shiatsu.
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Karin Lippert* has been a student of Master Gabriele Roloff since 1994. In May 2008 Karin received her 2nd degree blackbelt in Modern Arnis. Karin is actively teaching in Bonn with Martina Loersch and recently attended the National Women's Martial Arts Federation and assisted Master Gabriele as a trainer. Karin is a Doctor of Biology and works in research wihtin the pharmacytical industry.
martina loersch
Martina Lörsch* has been training with Master Gabriele Roloff since 1994. In May 2008 Martina received her 2nd degree blackbelt in Modern Arnis. She instructs her own Modern Arnis group in Bonn with Karin Lippert. Martina actively assists in teaching workshops with Master Roloff in Europe and professionally she works as a lawyer.
Ulrike Gerstenberg
Ulrike Gerstenberg* has been a personal student of Master Gaby since 2002 and holds a 2nd  Dan. in Modern Arnis. She runs her own full-time Modern Arnis school  in  London, England. She has assisted Master Gaby ar various international events in Europe and North-America and was teaching in the Philippines at their annual international FMA seminar. She loves practicing and teahing Modern Arnis!
tjark weiß
Tjark Weiß*  a personal student of Master Gabriele Roloff since 2013. He has been assisting and teaching for severl years. In June 2018, he received his Black Belt degree. Lakan Tjark is very enthusiastic about teaching and preparing for his 1st Dan test in August 201
*Blackbelts appear in no particular order of importance or rank!
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